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Come dine outdoors with me

At July 18, 2016

Eating al fresco is constantly a summer season reward. Gabrielle Fagan meals up three mouth-watering appearances, so you can set the scene in style, whatever the weather

It's the time of year when we Brits prepare to show our bravery, as we brace ourselves - no matter what the weather condition throws at us - to dine all fresco.

Ready to fight with the barbecue and wrestle unwieldy picnic tables, collapsible chairs and shaky parasols?

You betcha - because nothing will hinder us from delighting in that heady mix of good food and fresh air. Certainly, a current study by Karcher saw 80% of participants state they'll persevere with prepare for dining outdoors, despite showers or storms.


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The Lesson of the Mirrors

At Jul 18, 2016

My parents lived in Jacksonville, Florida. They bought a home after many years of dealing with my grandmother or in houses. The experience of embellishing brought such joy to my mom. A couple of years after the design dreams were finished, my mama expressed one more desire to me. She wished to have mirrors installed on the wall at the end of the living room. The wall was paneled in wood and she wanted to brighten the appearance. Whenever she brought it up my dad let it pass, revealing that he didn't think that it was necessary.

Several years later we lost my father at the very young age of 61. Mother remained in your house and at this time I resided in Tampa, Florida. On one of our many journeys home we were greeted in the driveway by a really joyous mom. She had a surprise for me and was hurrying us indoors.


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Home Aid: Upcycle your summer season treasures with these 5 DIY pointers

At May 18, 2016

And with simply a couple of useful touch-ups, it's simple to change yesterday's furniture patterns into today's style. Follow these five actions to start your DIY Danetti furniture remodeling today.

Lose the dirt and return the natural shine. A dry microfiber fabric is all you need to get rid of dust and loose dirt. If the wood appears dull or faded, produce a polishing option of half olive oil and half white vinegar to restore its natural shine. Use the mix with a cheese fabric and use a clean soft cloth to blot any excess liquid.

Even wooden furniture with gouges or scratches can be brought back to its previous magnificence. Apply DAP Plastic Wood All-Purpose Wood Filler and just wait for the filler to dry before sanding, painting and staining.



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